What is "The Place"?


Hi, My name is Andrea and I want to tell you in a few lines how The Place was born from my loving hands, the fruit of passion, love and the idea of giving life an intimate and welcoming place.

As it sometimes happens, big changes are a consequence of particular moments in our lives, sometimes of pain, sometimes simply when we are searching for who we really are.

I am sure you will understand me.

Extraordinary experiences

I started to TRAVEL, to find the answers I was looking for!

I have collected wonderful experiences, seen fascinating places, met wonderful people who knew how to listen and share. So many emotions but in so many different places. I asked myself if it was possible to have all this in one place. So, I left again and packed my bags.

In my ‘rucksack of memories’ I collected all the beautiful things I found and put them together, and with Enrico whom I met along the way I created THE PLACE!

Citizens of "The Place"


“The Place is a LIVE place, with its own soul,where you can have real experiences through yoga classes, sharing the reading of a book, with dinners in company under the stars, breathing the air of Sicily‘s salt pans,chatting and laughing, listening to and sharing the experiences of every ‘citizen of The Place’.

The Place is not a place of luxury and glitz, it does not possess excessive comfort. The Place respects its nature and its soul. The Place is, and has, everything you need to feel at home.

Welcome to “The Place”

Andrea & Enrico